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Bitcoin Side Hustles

  • Jam-packed with 33 verified income-producing Side Hustle ideas
  • Anyone can be a part of the Crypto Economy
  • ​Get ALL ACCESS to some of the latest make money online ideas
  • ​Each Hustle has been thoroughly vetted
  • ​All Hustles are related to Bitcoin and the entire crypto-universe

33 Verified Side Hustles
7 Unique Categories

Real Side Hustles for Real People...

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12-year old Benyamin Ahmed sold his NFT collection of Weird Whales for over initially $160,000!

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Bitcoin Side Hustles

33 Ideas to Make Money Online with Cryptocurrencies
Bitcoin is one of the most explosive assets of all time. Side Hustles have never been more popular or resourceful than now. The alignment of these life-changing events presents some of the greatest opportunities society has ever experienced.

Bitcoin Side Hustles is a “book of ideas” to help you discover the best Hustle or revenue generating opportunities that are not only related to Bitcoin but the entire crypto-universe.

Inside, it’s jam-packed with 33 different income-producing Side Hustles that are broken into seven categories: The Arts, Bitcoin Vending, Crypto Communications, eCommerce, Finance & Trades, Hardware and NFTs. In other words, there’s something here for just about everyone.

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Each Hustle is quickly analyzed based on a simple criteria:

Effort, Risk, Seed Capital, Skills and Resources. Plus, you’ll also discover how to leverage solution providers that can help kickstart or propel any of these Hustles to the next level. Either way, you’ll have ALL ACCESS to some of the latest make money online ideas.

Some Hustles are simple yet profitable while others are unique or adventurous with greater returns. A few Hustles may pay in Bitcoin while other Hustles compensate you in fiat (USD). There are even a few Hustles where you get decide how to be compensated.

No matter how you look at it, Bitcoin is definitely here to stay as it continues to reach new heights. Side Hustles will also continue to flourish in the gig economy as well. The bottom line is what always counts so make the best of your time and get ready to Hustle!


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Over 170 Links to verified Side Hustle Resources, Vendors, How-to Articles & more! 

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Bitcoin Side Hustles will show you the best and legitimate side jobs and how you can supplement your income in ways you have never seen before!

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Frequently Asked Questions

 I no nothing about crypto, how it works, will your book help me?
Absolutely. We break 33 side hustles into seven different categories so there’s something for just about everyone, on all skill levels.
 Do I have to own Bitcoin/cryptocurrency to use this book?
Nope. But congrats for seeing the opportunities that are available. If you’re excited about crypto as I am, you’ll enjoy it. And if you don’t own any crypto, I will show you several ways to obtain some.
 Do you only present “ideas?”
Much more than that! We provide you start-up estimates, income potential, energy expended and even how you get paid. Each side hustle also includes links that are related to the particular hustle. In the ebook’s 80+ pages, there are over 170 unique resources available to give your hustle the direction it needs.
 What makes your book different from other side hustle books?
Stale ideas such as ride sharing, babysitting, delivery driver are important jobs in society but this is really different. In fact, this book couldn't have been published a decade ago because nothing of this sort existed. In fact, only in the past few years has cryptocurrencies really taken off and opened up numerous small business opportunities.
 Do I have to be paid in cryptocurrency?
In all 33 hustles, we tell you up front how you will be paid. Some hustles may with crypto such as bitcoin or ethereum or it may be fiat (USD). A few hustles, you can make the decision yourself. Everything is detailed with each separate hustle.
 How much will it cost me to start up a side hustle listed in your book?
Over 70% of the hustles described can be done with no money or up to $100. Of course, you can spend what you want to kick start your hustle but nothing listed is over $500. (At time of publication).
 Do you offer international orders for your paperback?
If you are ordering the paperback-version and if shipping outside of the USA, you will need to order on  Amazon. You can order the eBook version here from anywhere in the world.
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